You should have javascript enabled. If you don't, look below for non-javascript instructions. It's pretty simple: click on the link and it will automatically try to install.

If this is your first time installing the extension, a warning bar will come up towards the top of your screen. Click the "Edit Option" button. Tell it to allow this site to install the extension. Then click on the link again.

NON-JAVASCRIPT: Download the file to a local folder. Open firefox, goto the File menu, and click "Open File..." Open the file you just downloaded. Important: Don't open the file in whatever OS you are using. Open it only in Firefox. Don't extract the file, it won't install that way. If you are still having trouble installing this, email me.


A debugging feature has been added to the extension. If you are having problems/issues with the extension, please review over the help file to learn how to utilize the debugging feature. Before sending me an email, attach the log file so that I may better assist you. If you still have questions about how to use the debugging feature even after reviewing the help file, feel free to contact me.